Thursday, October 28, 2010

Designing cakes

Before I got addicted to cupcakes I used to mainly make cakes, wedding cakes and special occasion cakes. I was just looking at some pictures on my computer when I saw my cake photographs. While I was looking at them I suddenly got butterflies in my tummy, and then decided

I am also going to design cakes again!!!

To create a piece of art is such a fulfilling thing to do, and to make beautiful creations from sugar paste is such a wonderful experience. One of the things I like is the smell of my hands when I work with the sugar paste, it' has a very subtle vanilla scent.

Last Friday I have met a very sweet American lady, Mimi Avishai, we had a very nice conversation about desserts, cakes and cake decoration.

You have to check out here website, she shares some tasty vegetarian recipes

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.


  1. oh' debb - that's graet !
    ברור שאת מכינה עוגות... את העוגות הכי יפות בעולם !
    כשהתחתנו לא היתה לנו עוגה. נראה לי שביום מן הימים נבוא לעשות השלמות אצלך...
    נשיקות מסאן דייגו, מתגעגעת

  2. Debbie, we met last week when you were showing your cupcakes and cookies. Such lovely work! You make beautiful cake creations! I too love to cook, bake and DECORATE! and have been making children's birthday cakes for years and years - (my oldest son is 31 so you can imagine!) This weekend my daughter-in-law (an avid follower of yours) and I made a birthday cake for my grandaughter's first birthday. Maya was inspired by your cupcakes so we decided to make a collaberative effort - I made a cake in the shape of and decorated as a cupcake and Maya made the most beautiful pastel-decorated cupcakes to suround the cake. They all came out so beautuiful! I'll have to post pictures. Soon. I promise! I like to decorate in buttercream - I enjoy the medium and although the result is not as "perfect" as the fondant, I like the creativity. Maya used a combination of buttercream and fondant. Her cupcakes were exquisite! I use the cooked French buttercream - I find it lighter and tastier than traditional buttercream made with powdered sugar and butter. What do you use on your creations?