Sunday, October 3, 2010

This blogging thing is starting to get addictive, suddenly I have the unexplainable urge to share.

I have to watch it, maybe I have to control myself and just write one post a week!!

I'll post a few photographs of some cookies I made for a very sweet little girl, with also a very sweet mother.

The mother is Ayula ( my neighbor for almost 2 years, and she is such a dear!

It was so nice to have her around, but now she is going to leave us :( .They are being relocated in the US).

So my kids and I really wanted to make something nice for her little girl to nibble on, during the flight.

So this is what came out.

Have a wonderful week!


  1. דבי, העוגיות האלה הכי יפות בעולם !
    תודרבה, אלונה עוד מעט תבוא מהגן ואני צופה חיסול מהיר ויסודי...,
    איזה כיף !
    פינוק אמיתי מכזו אשה נפלאה...

  2. רוצה ביס! נראה כל כך יאמי... והצבעים מעלפים...