Friday, August 13, 2010


What did I write in my last post, that I took some time off to be with the kids...... Uh oh I am such a bad mommy!

I am so addicted to my work that if people call to order, I am so happy and no way in the world would I turn down an opportunity to create, and design cupcakes and cookies.

So I am working like crazy now to finish the orders in time, mostly of course I work in the middle of the night, because one, than it is the coolest and the cookies don't lose their form, and secondly that's the time it's quiet, my quality time with my work, no screaming and fighting kids. No angry kids who are asking me all the time mommy when are you finished already, mommy when are we going to the pool etc. They are wonderful amazing sweet kids no complaints what so ever, but for those of you who are mommies you know whet I mean, they just need attention( always).

Anyway, Today I wanted to write about some body else. Though I just met her for the first time last week, she made such an impression on us her name is Yael Yaniv, and she make the most amazing ceramic creations, everything is beautiful. But her cupcakes stole my hart!!

I am so glad I have 6 of them, everytime I look at them it makes me so happy. I already prepared her I'am still going to order lots and lots of her cupcakes.

Can you tell real from Ceramic?

Sorry for the quality, a professional camera is on my wish list!!


  1. thanks debbie for the kind words. in a week or so i will be able to share the "debbie cupcakes"...
    how's the amazing Joel doing?

  2. I am waiting בקוצר רוח!! Joelle is doing fine she sends you her warm regards, I saw on your blog that you've been in Holland some while ago nice!, and the pictures you posted from friend in Amsterdam were sooo nice.

    Have a great weekend and talk to you soon

    bye bye