Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I took some holiday from work, to be with the kids the last weeks of the holiday. So I won't be posting al lot of cupcakes & cookies stuff.

But I promise in the new year , you'll get more than enough cupcakes & cookies fixes!!

In the mean time I don't know with whom to start first today, I have 2 very nice, very talented Ladies I would like to write about.

אן דן דינו.......... I' ll start with my dear friend Ofra De Langen - Danino. Ofra and I have met last year on the plane to Holland, Her husband is Dutch,and as you all know I am also Dutch. We got along straight away. After the flight we didn't keep in touch until a few months ago.

I was looking for a manicurist who works with Bio sculpture gel. I wanted to have some extra protection for my nails, but wasn't interested at all in Acrylic nails. I looked someone up in my area, and found Ofra again. Since then we became friends, I have nice healthy nails and a face wich is TEN YEARS younger, and I don't exaggerate.

Ok what the heck has my face to do with my nails???

Apart from nails Ofra's is a natural cosmetician. She's developed an amazing line of all natural face and body care.

I can't tell enough how amazing her products are, I have used Chanel, Dior, biotherm you name it, and nothing even comes close to her products.

Ofra has international allure with her products, it's a חובה for every woman to check out her website

I always like to finish a post with some pictures who make me feel happy, in the hope it gives you the same feeling!


  1. thanks debbie for the intro...i'll also pass it along (-:
    and the cupcakes look amazing...really inspiring indeed

    have a great time with the kids

  2. Oh yael your so sweet, i am so glad we met you!!!