Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hi girls (and maybe guys),

my last post was more than half a year ago.
Well my problem was that I have to write in English, my hebrew is to slow and probably full oשגיות כתיב. Any way someone who doesn't know me and reads my blog must probably think I am some kind of קוקו.

But then I attended an AMAZING fair at netanella's house in Rehovot ( which was organized by Netanella and Keren Shavit( with amazing people and amazing products. Really I am not exaggerating.
And so may nice people remembered my blog and told that it's no a problem at all, me writing in English.

So I am really exited to restart my blog.

It probably won't be to busy in the beginning, you know summer holiday, 3 kids at home.

But I'll try anyway to post some happy things.

I'll post some of the wonderful pictures נעמי יוגב the photographer made of my cupcakes and cookies at the fair (

Have a nice week and good to be back!


  1. Debbie - Im so happy to see this post today - you have no idee !
    keep on going... love
    ayelet - ayulla

  2. you are to sweet for words seriously!

  3. so glad you started to post again - it was a real pleasure to meet you, and joel is such an angel.
    good luck with your buisness - i'm sure that the sky's the limit for you

  4. Yael dear, how nice to hear from you!!

    Thanks for your compliments!!!! hope to meet you again soon!