Monday, August 9, 2010

Good evening everyone,

It's so nice to be back with the blog, I was all day thinking what I will post today.
Today it's not about cupcakes , yes it's not always about cupcakes, it's also about life style and nice/beautiful/make happy things.

So today I will write something about my shopping bag. Some of you will ask there self did this sister loose her mind, and others will say YES!

The girls who will say YES know I'm going to write about my "PIP STUDIO" bag (haha).

I mean this one

So many people at the fair asked me about my bag, where did I buy such a nice bag, did I buy it here in Israel????

Some of them knew straight away that this is pip studio

Now to those I promised some info, here it is

PIP Studio is a dutch designer, her parents are Oilily, who sadly went bankrupt.

Any way I'll post some pictures and her website so all you guys can go and order her beautiful stuff.

Here is her website, sit back and enjoy, try not to drool over your keyboard.

לילה טוב

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