Sunday, April 10, 2011

Last Friday we participated at the Garden Boutique Fair at Netanella's. It was so nice. When I step into Netanella's garden/house I feel so at home because it is such a חוץ לארץ feeling.

It was big fun, had the change to see some sweet people again, with their beautiful products. Everything was just wonderful.

If you want to look up the participants and drool over their things read my last post or go to

Being there and seeing people enjoy my cupcakes gives me such a grateful feeling, and such inspiration that I am thinking always about new ideas, and trends.

Well to combine cupcakes with something else has to be totally something in the same area.

A long time ago I started experimenting with macaroons, which are just soooo delicious. And when I was in Paris I went to La Duree. I just totally went through the roof. What a store, just like a fairy tail. Since then the macaroons just don't leave my head ( and that's already 9 years hmhm ago).

now the fact is that macaroons became a trend just like cupcakes so why not combine the two in my business.

So from today on it's Cupcakes, Cookies and Macaroons.

To give away a little secret, which is really just still in baby shoes, I am looking into the fact that for my business at this point, the best thing to do is to open a boutique in Tel Aviv AAAAAAAAAHHHH, I am so exited. But first we have to see if it will be financially worth wile.

Anyway, I will keep you all informed!!!

Have a wonderful Pesah.



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