Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wow, I don't believe it. it has been a whole month exactly today since my last post.

Is that a good sign?

A sign that I am busy making cupcakes, instead of having spare time at hand to write my blog. yeah I guess that's it. I have been really almost overbooked with orders this last month. it's like an avalanche, you know until people got to know my cupcakes took some while, but know that they know I am out there, there's no stopping.

And I really love every minute of it because there's almost nothing I love more than making cupcakes.

The really nice thing about this all, is that all the people I meet are so nice, probably only nice people like cupcakes :)

But in the mean time, I also good wounded. Yeah I fell the night of Silvester and hurt my knee, had to spend the whole next morning in the emergency room where they fixed my knee.

So my husband and I decided to take some time of, to spend a nice deserved holiday together. We are enjoying the brake from the rat race and I have time to rest and lay on the couch until my knee is better.

But as I know myself the if there is an order no way i'll say no (cupcakeaholic) what can I do!

I wish you all an amazing and wonderful 2011

1 comment:

  1. darling, hope by now your knee is all better.
    i love the new boxes (great that there something that'll keep them separate)
    hope this year will be as sweet and amazing as your cupcakes