Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Yeah! It's finally quiet in my house(I can't believe it) this was the longest summer holiday like....ever. Almost 3 months non stop kiddies in the house.

Yesterday I was part of the פסטיבל אושפיזין at Keren Shavit's enchanted Studio ( The sale was for three day's but physically attended only one, my cupcakes where there for the whole 3 days.

Because my daughter was competing in Kibbutz Ma'agal , she competes with her horse in Western riding, I couldn't be at Keren's studio for the whole 3 day's.

But, he, this is not a blog about horses, I just can't help being soo proud of my little queen.

I had so much fun at the sale, it's really such nice place to be, the ambiance is right and the people there are so nice.

I would also like to say a special thanks to all the sweet " girls" who write such nice things about me on their blogs!!! So I'm quickly going to post some pictures before my little girl Sophie wakes up.

I wish you all a חג שמח !

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