Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wow,it has been a long time. But really after the country cottage sale I haven't stopped working, and all kinds of really amazing things happened to me.

I am just so privileged. My work is my dream job! I get to work with so many nice people, I can do something with all the inspiration I have, and make cupcakes :)(which is best of all think)

Anyway I'm really exited because Karen Shavit ( she is such a dear) invited me to participate in her collage sale, which is so much fun for me. It's like a mini country cottage sale all over, such a pity though that it's not with all of the great "girls" I got to know at Netanella's place.

Herewith I would like to invite ya'll to the sale.

Here are the details:

Hope to see you there!

I really want to start writing nice posts again about my work, but it's just to busy right now, but after the holiday's I will have more time and new pictures.

For now have a great weekend!!


  1. may you allways be too busy with these great cupcakes and work - the posts will wait (-:

    wishing you all the best and success

  2. thank you, from your mouth to the ears of God,hahaha!

    have a great weekend!